Ransomware – Attack on Healthcare

  • Audrius Polikaitis, Health system

Ransomware is a dangerous and pervasive problem impacting many industries. Healthcare is no exception. Learn about the prevalence and impact of these malicious exploits in healthcare both nationally as well as here locally at UI Health. Learn about steps that have been taken at UI Health to better protect ourselves against this threat.

Experience Level: Intermediate | TagsLeadership, Governance, Infrastructure, Security

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RACI Charts – Improving Communication and Defining Responsibilities

  • Christina Molitor, University of Illinois System

RACI charts (Responsible Accountable Consulted Informed) help to identify connections between tasks and people on a project and reduce confusion on what is expected and when to communicate. This session will provide information on the definition, components, and benefits of a RACI chart and provide a group work session to let attendees gain experience building a RACI chart.

Experience Level: Beginner, Intermediate | TagsProject Management

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An Overview of UI’s Project Management Methodology

  • Stacey Valuch, ACCC

This session will provide an overview of the shared project management methodology used by central IT organizations of the UI System (which was produced as a collaboration between IT project management leaders within ACCC, AITS, TS, BSS, and ITS). This session will cover how to incorporate consistent use of the methodology (in varying degrees) to improve predictability, understanding, and performance of UI project initiatives.

Experience Level: Beginner, Intermediate | TagsGovernance, Project Management, Leadership

Return to Schedule — UIC’s New WordPress Multisite Platform

  • Kim Charles, Digital Communication/PGA

An introduction to the new WordPress resource for creating and managing UIC websites,, hosted by ACCC and managed and supported by UIC Digital Communications. The presentation will give an overview of the elements of the UIC branded theme framework and how units can use it to create responsive, accessible, and usable websites.

Experience Level: Beginner | TagsWeb hosting

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University KnowledgeBase – Fishing for Answers in an Ocean of Knowledge

  • John Cowsert, AITS

The University KnowledgeBase is a cloud application designed to create and share documents. Strictly used by Higher Education entities only, the University KnowledgeBase is used to document processes, FAQs, and bug/error fixes for public or internal use. In this presentation, we will learn about the features of the KnowledgeBase and how it can keep your ocean of information current.

Experience Level: Beginner | TagsTech Tools, Cloud

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GoogleApps for Units: A Case Study of Benefits for Collaboration and Website Management

  • Kim Charles, Digital Communications/PGA

A use case for departments on how to use Google Apps resources at UIC for collaboration, web content development, communication and website management.

Experience Level: Beginner | TagsTech Tools

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Understand Your User Community and Deliver Better Service through Social Network Analysis

  • Frank Cervone, School of Public Health

We spend a lot of time supporting our user community. What if there were a way to identify “hot spots” where there are persistent problems? There is! By using social network analysis (SNA) tools to analyze our service management logs, we can focus on efforts on those areas where we can have the most impact. In this session, you’ll see how to use SNA to understand the relationships in your user community in order to identify problem areas and improve service.

Experience Level: Beginner | TagsLeadership, Tech Tools

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Overview of the Tableau service at the University of Illinois

  • Michael Wonderlich, AITS

Getting started with Tableau to create data visualizations and dashboards. Answering the common questions from IT Pros:
· What do I need to know to purchase, develop and publish?
· How do I use the University of Illinois Tableau Server to deliver my content to my target audience?
· Where do I get help?

Experience Level: Beginner, Intermediate | TagsTech Tools

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Exchange Online: Migrate or Walk the Plank

  • Mark N. Goedert, ACCC
  • Frank Cervone, School of Public Health
  • Dean Dang, ACCC

The campus has undertaken an effort to consolidate UIC’s faculty and staff to the same email system. Learn everything you need to know about Exchange Online at this session!

Experience Level: Beginner | TagsInfrastructure, Tech Tools, Security, Cloud

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Starfish or Starlight, UIC Network Overview

  • Mark N. Goedert, ACCC
  • Jelene Crehan, ACCC

A deep sea dive that reintroduces the UIC network, the work of the fearless crew, and a glimpse beyond the horizon.

Experience Level: Beginner, Intermediate | TagsInfrastructure

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Getting Organized with Microsoft Office365

  • Stacey Valuch, ACCC

This session will introduce (or reintroduce) the many features within Microsoft Office 365, which U of I staff can utilize to work smarter and with more efficiency. We will cover tips and tricks within common apps like Outlook, Word, and OneNote, and also preview newer apps like Planner, PowerBI, and Teams. Real-world examples will be presented via a class exercise.

Experience Level: Beginner, Intermediate | TagsTech Tools

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Redesigning the Student Digital Experience

  • Kelly Block, AITS
  • Elizabeth Romero, Ph.D., ACCC

Students interact with and through technology throughout their academic and personal lives often, utilizing dozens of systems and technologies daily. Often, this digital experience is organized around functions, coursework, transactions, departments, and systems. Join this facilitated discussion focusing on how these digital touchpoints could be redesigned around the student, maximizing their efficiency and benefits to drive student fulfillment and success.

Experience Level: Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced | TagsLeadership

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So You Think You Know Digital Accessibility?

  • Kevin Price, Disability Resource Center

So you think you know all you need to know about digital/web accessibility? Well you might not know as much as you think! Digital information technology standards and techniques are continuously changing and being updated. This presentation will focus on the cutting edge techniques and new legal standards for accessible information technology that have changed over the past few years.

Experience Level: Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced | TagsInfrastructure, Web hosting, Tech Tools

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Emotional Intelligence: Bringing Emotional Awareness to Active Communication in the Workplace

  • Asif Ashiqali, Office of the Provost
  • Rocio Gomez, Social Work

Studies have shown that people who work in isolated areas surrounded by technology do not give importance to emotional intelligence and prefer only cognitive intelligence (Chermin et al., 1998). However, research shows that high Emotional Intelligence provides more proximity to personal success and an improved work environment than only relying on cognitive intelligence (Zijlmans et al., 2015). This presentation will deep dive into this topic and discuss ways to increase emotional awareness, and improve active communication and interpersonal relationships in the workplace.

Experience Level: Intermediate, Advanced | TagsLeadership, Soft Skills

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Apple Device Security Enterprise Management

  • Keith Mountin, Apple
  • William Mehilos, ACCC

Every Mac and iOS device is designed with powerful and advanced technologies that work together to constantly scrutinize, encrypt, update — and ultimately keep your computing experience safer. The Mobile Device Management (MDM) framework can be used to centrally manage these settings over-the-air. This security-focused presentation is designed specifically for enterprise IT.

Experience Level: Intermediate | TagsSecurity

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IT Service Desk and Metrics – What’s Possible with RT

  • Anthony Marino, ACCC

Do you provide services to clients, and use the RT ticketing system? Do you have, or wish you had, data on your service levels? If you answered yes to these questions, come take a look at how one service desk operation on campus is gathering and reporting on this data using RT and Microsoft Excel!

Experience Level: Beginner, Intermediate | TagsService Desk Operations

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Fresh ACCC Technology Solutions are about to Surface

  • Thomas Okon, ACCC
  • Szymon Machajewski, ACCC

Look out below, ACCC is about to chart a new course with Blackboard and Echo360. Dive into this presentation, where we will navigate the roadmap for New Blackboard Ultra upgrades as well as the next generation of Echo360, The Active Learning Platform. Hands-on opportunities will be available to explore all the new gear and tackle with the crew at ACCC.

Experience Level: Beginner | TagsTech Tools

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iLeCT: Innovation, Leadership, Community Building and Training

  • Phil Reiter, Pharmacy
  • Chris Hollenbeck, SPH
  • Rich Robledo, Pharmacy
  • Matt Debelak, Student Affairs Technology

iLeCT is UIC’s IT innovative Leadership, Community Building, and Training group dedicated to engaging IT professionals at UIC at all levels. Learn about who we are, how to get engaged and build your professional development, and practice three core skills of leadership.

Experience Level: Beginner, Intermediate | TagsLeadership

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Creating Golden Images and Deploying Them

  • Benjamin Leska, VCAS

Creating and maintaining Windows operating system images shouldn’t be mysterious, like the depths of the ocean. The presentation will show you the various methods of creating and maintaining Windows operating system images and deploying them to workstations. Also covered are the best practices for creating those treasure golden images.

Experience Level: Beginner, Intermediate | TagsInfrastructure, Security

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Evolution of HPC & Exciting Possibilities

  • Himanshu Sharma, ACCC
  • Lance Long, EVL – Electronic Visualization Laboratory

This presentation will be jointly conducted by ACER (Advanced Cyberinfrastructure of Education and Research) and EVL (Electronic Visualization Laboratory) to provide state of Research Computing at UIC, advancements made in the past year, and new capabilities such as Big-Data, High-Performance Research Networks and Secure Research Environments that can benefit computational researchers.

Experience Level: Intermediate, Advanced | TagsResearch Computing

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